Spinal Adjustment

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy is a term used to describe a treatment modality akin to Chiropractic Medicine from our human counterparts. The goal of Spinal Manipulation is to identify joints within the spine that are not properly aligned and to restore as much normal function as possible within that joint. When the joint is misaligned the body responds with inflammation. The inflammation within and surrounding the joint leads to impingement of the nerves entering and exiting the spine and more importantly blocks appropriate blood flow for these nerves. The result is pain and poor performance of the muscles, organs and sensory information from these nerves. The pet may experience a variety of problems including lameness, lethargy, decreased appetite, or changes in behavior.

During an exam the first thing Dr. VanDenBrink will do is obtain a clear history or signs you are seeing in your pet, how long they have existed, and any known traumas. Then Dr. VanDenBrink will examine the pet, possibly obtain xrays of the spine, then identify and correct these joint misalignments and restore normal function and range of motion to these joints (as nearly as possible). This correction is performed with a high velocity low amplitude thrust in the specific direction indicated from the joint. After a complete exam and adjustment Dr. VanDenBrink will advise you of recommendations for future appointments, medications, or supplements that may help optimize your pet's health.